Howards Jewelry And Loan - Howards jewelry lied to get me to sign a contract

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a sales lady from howards jewelry lied to me to get me to sign a contract, she said " dont worry , you can make the payment whenever you like.when i came back they said they couldnt find the bracelet of mine.

they went to the back and claimed they found it. i payed that month because they said they had it. i came back to buy it and they said they cant find it?? they offered a replacement and never ever called me again.

They lied to take my jewelry.we advise you to avoid there scams at howards in parma heights.

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Not to diminish your claim but it was more likely incompetence .Howard doesn't like to work but wants to be a big shot so he hires cheap help to run his business.

Iv been there and I know what I'm talking about.Sorry to hear about what happened to you.

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